Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Molly's Cupcakes Brings An Alternative Option to Night Time Activities

Dessert options in the Sloop have always been spotty.  Yes, most restaurants have options but sometimes it's nice to just go somewhere else for dessert.

An ice cream shop is usually the defacto "dessert" spot in a neighborhood, but for some reason the Sloop doesn't have a real spot that focuses on the cool treat.  Yes, we have a couple Baskin Robins scattered throughout the neighborhood, but that's not really the vibe we're talking about. 

Gordo's Ice Cream in Printers Row is one option that has certainly scratched the sweet tooth itch for the neighborhood.  If you're really twisting our arm you could maybe argue that Stan's Donuts on Roosevelt or Little Branch Cafe are options - although they're not open late for a post meal dessert.  

Which brings us to the new Molly's Cupcakes at 1150 S. Wabash.  While Molly's has had immense success across the city, we were curious to see how it would do in the Sloop.  It's been open for just over a month now and judging by our first visit this past Saturday night, the neighborhood is ready to support their delicious doughy business.

On Saturday night around 10pm, it certainly didn't have a line out the door, but was busy. 

There were college kids playing board games on the swing chairs at the front of the establishment.  A multi-generational family sitting at the communal tables enjoying the unique cupcakes.  A middle aged daughter with her mom plotting which desserts they were going to try and a group that appeared to be on a double date nerding out on the ridiculously over-sized chalkboard:  

All that said, it was nice to see a variety of neighbors doing something at night in the Sloop that didn't rely on alcohol.  While we certainly appreciate imbibing in the Sloop and around town, options are critical to a thriving neighborhood and it appears Molly's may in fact provide a new option for residents.

Welcome to the Sloop Molly's!

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