Friday, April 12, 2019

NEMA Opening May 1st & Will Take the Mantle of Chicago's Tallest Apartment Building

Chicago Magazine checks-in at Nema:
NEMA Chicago, one of the city’s biggest apartment buildings to sprout up in years — both in height and unit count — is leasing up for its first wave of move-ins next month. The 896-foot tower, Chicago’s tallest residential rental building, will open at 1200 S. Indiana Avenue in the South Loop on May 1, delivering 800 new units to the burgeoning downtown market.

Residents who’ve watched NEMA rise over the past year and a half might notice something familiar about its appearance. The building’s “bundled tube” design, which features a series of staggered setbacks as the tower increases in height, bears a striking resemblance to Willis Tower.
Here are some good details we haven't seen before:
NEMA certainly cuts an imposing figure in the South Loop, which is home to a smaller cluster of skyscrapers than in nearby Streeterville and River North. The building is split into two segments: the “Signature” apartments (floors 2 through 47), and the “Skyline” apartments (floors 49 through 76). The first section comprises 674 units; in the more exclusive second section, there are just 126. And thanks to South Loop’s relative lack of density, NEMA’s shorter neighbors imbue those Skyline units with stunning views of the city.
Of course, none of this comes cheap. Rent at NEMA will start around $1,800 a month for a studio, Bitton says. An listing shows monthly prices ranging from $1,865 for a lower-level studio to $25,000 for a four-bedroom floor plan, though this model won’t be available until August 1.
The fun stat for this building - it's currently the tallest apartment building in Chicago.

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