Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Deathless-ness Art Exhibit Comes to Elephant Room Gallery Starting April 6

A contributor writes:
Hey Sloopin' Friends,

Usually when I have sent something your way it is either something weird in the neighborhood (Geodesic Domes springing up on the Tundra), or Panozzo's nostalgia (Thanks for running the t-shirt doodle) but, in the Spirit of the Sloop, we can legitimately graduate to personal self promotion.

I am having my first solo art exhibition at Elephant Room Gallery on Wabash, next door to Buddy Guy's place. It opens April 6th and runs to May 18th - so, as 'Spring' as it gets. The poster, info and a couple of works are attached.

It's a serious show and it's an epic show - we are going to cram a small museum's worth of work into a small space (think Bounce House crossed with an Infinity Room).

If you do decide to run it Please shout out to all my old Panozzo's customers and encourage them to come and reunite with 'D'...I miss all those kids.

Besides the opening and gallery talk I am available to meet interested viewers by appointment at the gallery as well. Please come visit.

There it is. Keep on Sloopin'

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