Friday, March 8, 2019

A Deeper Look at the Massive Delays of the Jane Bryne Interchange Construction Project

Damn this project (via ChicagoTribune):
If all had gone as planned, the remake of the Jane Byrne Interchange could have been done by now.

Instead, drivers continue to face snarled traffic, closed lanes and bountiful construction signs at the juncture of the Eisenhower, Kennedy and Dan Ryan expressways west of the Loop, the effects of a construction project that will take at least another 3½ years and will cost at least $170 million more than expected.

It wasn’t just one problem that caused this to happen, the Tribune found, but a series of issues that contributed to unforeseen delays, conflicts over who was to blame and a price tag that is now $713 million, a third higher than the original estimate of $535.5 million.

While drivers are bearing the brunt of it, the problems have extended to the nearby University of Illinois at Chicago campus where a building had sunk and shifted, state records show.
The biggest pain for the Sloop is that 2 of the biggest east/west arteries for the neighborhood have been closed for awhile.  Damn. 

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