Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Prime Printers Row Parking Lot Ready to be Developed?

A reader writes about what we assume is a piece of property that is ripe for development:
Lot is for sale, not sure its its for the entire lot or just whats noted in red.

The reader then sent us the following email with follow-up:
Nevermind should've read the description a little closer, looks to be for a section of the area.
Here is the listing (via redfin):
This property is located at the southeast corner of West Harrison Street and South Dearborn Street. The subject property consists of a land parcel of approximately 5,325 square feet within a larger 22,862sf parking lot. The portion for sale measures approximately 75 feet along Dearborn Street and Plymouth Court and 71 feet deep. The entire parking lot is surrounded by Dearborn St. , Harrison St. and Plymouth Court.
Curious to see if this sells.  It seems like the entire lot would be more desirable and suitable for a large development vs. this smaller portion of the parking lot.

Any real estate experts have a perspective on this?

(Hat tip: KK!)

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