Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Cocktail Bar Square One Closes at 14th and Michigan

A reader writes:
Noticed a few weeks back that Square One at 14th and Michigan closed.
We heard about this a couple times, but was never really sure if it was true.  It's probably been closed for awhile now...

Square One was an interesting place.  When it first opened it brought a trendy cocktail feel that was relatively unique to the neighborhood.  They also had an interesting self-service wine station.

The spot was always trying to do something new.  At one point we remember they envisioned movie nights being showcased on their massive walls.  They also added board games at one point.  As you're probably figuring out...the bar struggled with it's identity throughout its time.

Nonetheless we had good times at Square One and think the space is prime for a good bar.  Hopefully someone else will see the possibility of the space and open something up. 

More and more foot traffic is coming to this stretch of the Sloop so looking forward to seeing what comes in.

(Hat tip: JL!)

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