Wednesday, February 7, 2018

More (Serious) Momentum for Motor Row: Wicker Park's Fatpour Tap Works Coming to the Area

A couple weeks back, we sort of joked about a Subway coming to Cermak as a sign of momentum for Motor Row.  Well it appears there is some legit momentum if this one actually happens (via Eater):
Fatpour in Wicker Park
The area around McCormick Place’s food and dining options are famously sparse, but that’s slowly changing with new construction. One of those new South Loop options will be a second location of Fatpour Tap Works, the Wicker Park sports bar that opened in 2012. A new, two floor location should open in late October inside the under-construction Hilton Homewood Suites at 1101 S. Wabash Avenue.
“We are looking forward to pumping some energy into the area,” said Erik Baylis, a partner at Big Onion Tavern Group, Fatpour’s parent company.

Baylis said they’ll have two floors and a mezzanine. They’ll serve lunch and dinner to cater to the convention goers at McCormick Place.
The point of the post is that this would be some serious momentum for Motor Row's entertainment district.  We'll be curious and excited to see how this progresses.

PLEASE NOTE:  earlier version of post questioned some of the location information from the Eater article we referenced.  They've since updated their post with correct information.

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