Thursday, February 8, 2018

Fun With Interactive Maps: Zoom in On the Sloop with Strava Global Heatmap

Who doesn't love a fun interactive map?!?!? 

After perusing Curbed Chicago recently and clicking to the Strava Global Heatmap, we found ourselves down a rabbit hole of different views of activity around our city and neighborhood.  Probably not shocking to a lot of you, but it's fun to play with:
If it wasn’t already obvious how much Chicagoans love their parks, a new map from Strava makes that abundantly clear. The heat map shows fitness patterns of people from around the globe, and may have gotten into a little trouble revealing sensitive information about U.S. military bases.

Nonetheless, the exercise tracking map illuminates Chicago in a fascinating way. City parks are lit up and the Lakefront Trail is white hot as a result of all the runners. Look closely and you can make out the bottom half of the Chicago Marathon route too.

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