Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Our First Jazz Showcase Experience Prompts a Desire for a Second

We finally made it! 

Late last year, we made our first ever visit to the venerable Jazz Showcase in Dearborn Station (806 S. Plymouth).  It's slightly embarrassing that it's been this difficult for us to go, but enough about that...

On a blustery Saturday evening, we scampered down Plymouth Court in the snow to take in students from the Columbia Jazz Ensemble collaborate with saxophonist Jon Irabagon.  Frankly, we didn't know anything about the show and were mainly going for the overarching experience.

I was a little uncertain on what to expect or if my party would enjoy themselves (since none of them were what I would consider "Jazz Enthusiasts").  What I can say, is that it was an experience that exceeded my expectations.  Upon walking into the venue, you're completely engulfed by Jazz.  Pictures and show posters hang on every wall and ambiance is certainly old-school cool.

We were greeted at the front desk by Joe Segal, the owner and founder of the Jazz Showcase.  His age was showing, but his wit and personality were immediately noticeable upon first blush - namely his comments and excitement for the upcoming show as he took our money.

As a waitress sat our party of five in the back, the buzz of venue was encouraging.  It wasn't packed yet, but was filling up bristly.  Our waitress was bouncing around the venue and although it wasn't the fastest service it was certainly fine - after all, you come for the music first and drinks second.

If you're looking amble space, this place isn't for you.  Tables and seats are packed together very tightly to maximize seating but also adds to the intimacy of the venue.  One exception is the various couches that are situated in the middle.  Those seem like the prime seats and something we would seek out for our next visit.

As the musicians started to assemble on stage, Mr. Segal grabbed the mic and provided the introduction.  Here's what we captured:

The show was fun and if you're a fan of live music we highly suggest a trip to the Jazz Showcase.  

Similarly to Buddy Guy's Legends, we're lucky to have such a unique and highly respected live music venue in our neighborhood.

We'll be back - hopefully soon!

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