Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What's Going on in the Retail Space at 2113 S. State?

A reader writes:
After seeing that no one else clued you guys in to the grocer on State closing, looks like Stone Grill, formerly Big Mikes Gyros, formerly something else a couple years ago is either closed or remodeling. Lots going on in the building just to the south of them, so not sure if that property has a tenant moving in, but last week the windows were all papered at Stone Grill, this week paper is gone, so not sure what is up...
The last time we posted about this place was when we got word that Jack's Chicago Grill (2113 S. State) was going to replace Big Mikes Gyros back in 2015.  Clearly we haven't had our finger on the pulse of this one.

Anyway, anyone have the scoop on what's going on here?  Pretty much this entire block south to Cermak is empty with remodeling and renovating going on in almost every spot.

(Hat tip:  KS!)

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