Thursday, January 26, 2017

Renzell Restaurant Rating System Scores Acadia at 10th Best in the City

From Eater Chicago:
Renzell, the restaurant ratings system that arrived in Chicago last year—positioned as a competitor to the Michelin Guide—has debuted their Chicago rankings. These preliminary rankings sort a cohort of 51 Renzell-selected restaurants. Renzell solicited members who dined at restaurants and filled out 60-question surveys which determined a restaurant’s score in eight categories, as well as an overall score.
Acadia - the 2-star Michelin Guide restaurant in the Sloop - is rated 10th best in the city according to this new list.

No other neighborhood restaurants cracked the top 50 in this list.  Notably missing is the venerable French restaurant, Everest (440 S. LaSalle), which is just north of what we consider the Sloop.

This restaurant has been around for awhile and consistently has garnered a 1-star rating via the Michelin Guide.

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