Friday, January 6, 2017

Pediatricians Taking Note of South Loop Growth

If you live in the Sloop and have a kid, this story probably doesn't surprise.  Heck, if you live in the Sloop and don't have a kid it still probably doesn't surprise. has a pretty in-depth look at the Sloop and how pediatricians and hospital networks are rushing in to cater to the population growth:
...And while Paral traces the South Loop boom to 2000, it has taken doctors and hospitals more than a decade to catch up to this hotspot for potential patients. But catch up they have. On the list of academic medical centers that have set up shop there or plan to are Northwestern Medicine and University of Chicago Medicine. (At this point, neither plans to have pediatrics, though Northwestern has doctors who specialize in primary care and family medicine.) 
By 2018, Rush University Medical Center says it will open a pediatric office with four to five doctors near another new addition: a $36 million outpatient site pegged to open the same year at 14th Street and Michigan Avenue, up the block from Weissbluth's future practice. And Advocate Medical Group, which is part of the largest hospital network in Illinois, is spending $20 million to replace its dated outpatient site near McCormick Place with a modern 55,000-square-foot facility and immediate care center. The practice has one pediatrician and is recruiting after losing another—to Weissbluth, says Dr. Rick Bone, vice president of medical management for Advocate Medical Group's south region.
Definitely a good read about trends in our neighborhood and how docs and hospitals are moving in to serve the neighborhood.  It's pretty easy to understand why other businesses are moving in as well.

(Hat tip:  AR & NS!)

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