Monday, February 15, 2016

Bar Method Coming to the Sloop?

Not sure what to make of this one, but we're posting regardless.  A reader writes:
The Bar Method in the South Loop - no idea when or where exactly...
We did some quick googling and did find a facebook page for Bar Method South Loop.  They also have a mention on the company website.

However, no address or any other information.  Facebook does have a map (but this doesn't look like it's close to the Sloop):

So either this is wrong, or this is a new business trying to claim "South Loop" but really no where close.

Anyway, what is Bar Method?  Well it's not a drinking establishment, so don't let the name "Bar" throw you for a loop.  Here is their mission statement:
To give consistently top quality, full-body workouts to the students who attend our classes and who use our DVD and online workouts. To make every workout safe, challenging, expertly taught, fun, empowering and highly effective at toning and slimming down our students’ bodies. To make every Bar Method studio welcoming, beautiful and life-renewing.

Anyone have any intel?

From the owner:
The map is something Facebook automatically generated since we're still finalizing the exact address (which will definitely be in the South Loop!) I should have a signed lease in a few weeks and will keep you posted!

(Hat tip:  NK!)

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