Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Spike Lee's New Movie, Chi-Raq, Releases Its Trailer

We were curious, but then intrigued when we read about Spike Lee's new movie called Chi-Raq.  It's drummed up quite the controversy given it's perceived negative title.  However, it seemed silly given that people were reacting to a title even though they didn't have much information on the movie.

Well the trailer came out and we will let you make your own conclusions:
We're still intrigued by the premise and given the cast (they have Samuel L. Jackson in a lead role after all) our expectations have been raised.  However, the trailer had a weird feel to it.  It's hard to put our finger on what exactly was uneasy, but something was.  Maybe it was the tone of some of the "jokes"?  Not sure.

Regardless, we're pretty excited to check this one out.  Looks like it's coming to theaters on December 4th.

Oh and if you're realizing what this has to do with the Sloop, much of the movie was shot in our hood (and in the trailer we're pretty sure you get a shot on the El at 18th street heading north).

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