Monday, November 16, 2015

Help Fund Darryll Schiff's Wabash Arts Corridor Mural

Mock-up of "Descending to Heaven" mural planning on coming to 710 S. Wabash
A reader writes:
Darryll Schiff is one of the latest artists given the opportunity to show in Chicago's Wabash Arts Corridor. His piece titled "Descending to Heaven" will be made into a 24x56 foot mural and installed at 710 South Wabash in the renowned Wabash Arts Corridor located in Chicago's South Loop.  
This project has been in the works since May and we now are in the final stages of making it happen.

As you might have guessed, there is no funding available for this project but Darryll and I have been donating extraordinary amounts of time and our own resources in order to make it a success! Please consider covering this story to help expand the internationally recognized Wabash Arts Corridor.  
As of Friday, November 13th, they are almost 90% funded with 5 days to go! Your help and corporation is greatly appreciated! Please help us fund this incredible public art project!  
If you are interested and have additional questions on the project, please don't hesitate to ask!
There are some pretty cool "rewards" you can get from funding the project such as signed posters, artist talk, lunch, etc.

Here is a video if you're curious about the artist as well as some more background/perspective on the Wabash Arts Corridor:
(Hat tip:  LI!)

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