Monday, February 23, 2015

La Haven Coffee by La Colombe Coming to 1240 S. Michigan

A reader writes:
If you have not heard already, the Crave space has a sign up that says Barista wanted. Hopefully a coffee spot works there this time!
La Colombe in the West Loop
After some more digging based on the image above, it appears that La Colombe has three established coffee shops in Wicker Park, West Loop and Andersonville (and all appear to have pretty solid Yelp ratings of 4+ stars).  They also have other locations in New York, Philly and DC.

While we've never been, it clearly seems like they have a model that has proven successful (and we imagine good coffee to boot).  The fact that they're an established company seems like they will have a better chance of succeeding compared to the last two or three businesses that have habited this retail spot.

If you recall, Winestyles (1240 S. Michigan) was open their the longest, but closed in 2010.  After that, Karamela Cafe had some hiccups trying to open, but eventually did in 2012.  But they appeared to have some consistency and management problems and then closed in 2013.  The last business to give it a go, was Crave.  Their model of being a bar/restaurant/night spot was a tough ask for this little retail space.  They opened in late 2013, but closed in 2014.

Anyway, it seems like a coffee shop could flourish in this space.  We've heard comments that the neighborhood has been clamoring for something like a coffee shop where neighbors could gather and hang out along this stretch (specifically along Michigan Avenue between Roosevelt and 16th), so have to imagine this could quell those desires.

Like much of Chicago and the country for that matter, coffee seems to be the hottest thing around (that and craft beer).  Obviously there are numerous places to get coffee in the area whether it's your standard restaurant or convenience store.  But more and more, we're getting coffee shops to enjoy your cup of jo and hang out.

Let's not forget about locally owned, Overflow Coffee Bar (1550 S. State) which has been going strong since 2011.  Bridgeport Coffee Company opened at Roosevelt Collection in late 2013.  We also heard news of a Coffee Shop opening at 800 S. Clark.

Just North of us, there are a bevy of specialty coffee shops ranging from HERO Coffee Bar (439 S. Dearborn),  Dollop Coffee Co. (343 S. Dearborn),  Intelligentsia (53 W. Jackson) and Asado Coffee Roasters (22 E. Jackson)

While we don't need to spend a ton of time talking about Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, another large, well regarded coffee shop, Peets coffee & tea, replaced Caribou last year at 8th and Wabash.

Point being, there are more and more places to get your caffeine fix and hangout in the Sloop.

(Hat tip:  GS!)

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