Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Warning Issued: More Robberies & Break-ins in the Neighborhood

The Police department issued another warning for the South Loop (and Loop) via ABC7:
Chicago police are warning people to be on alert after three robberies were reported in the Loop and South Loop. 
In the holdups, the man displays a handgun and demands cell phones and money, officials said. 
On Saturday, two robberies were reported: one in the 100-block of North Beaubien Court and the other in the 300-block of East South Water. On Sunday night, a robbery was reported in the 1200-block of South State Street.

Another reader sent us a note about a recent break-in at their condo building:
Just wanted to give you all a heads up that an entire ______________ condo building (on the 1200 block of south Wabash) was broken into today. I know you reported a recent string of burglaries recently, so here's one to add to the list. The robber(s) knew everything about each tenant's schedule and had obviously been scoping us and the place out for some time before pulling the trigger. If you all hear of any recent burglaries in the area please let me know asap.
This all is happening on the heals of some assaults that were happening a couple of weeks ago.

Moral of the story, stay safe and be aware of unusual things going down.

(Hat tip:  CG!)

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