Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Does Brown Paper Mean Retail Is Coming to 1200 Block of S Michigan?

On a recent walk up Michigan Avenue we noticed that some brown paper has been put on two of the retail spots on the East side of the 1200 Block.  To some this might not signal much, but to us it means something is cooking.

What?  We don't know.  Someone continues to float the rumor that Jamba Juice is coming to these spots, but to this date we're not sure.

Something has to give.  There are five retail spots in this building and only one is occupied now that Marble Slab Ice Creamery and House of Sole are closed.  Maybe rent needs to come down?

Anyone have any scoop on this building?


Definingtabitha said...

Yum - Jamba juice would make this pregnant lady so happy!

Josh said...

It looks like they're planning on renting it out based on the recent permit issuance:

Joe said...

Is there something coming where the former wine store was near 1464 S Michigan? It looks like they have been doing work in there

local lady said...

UPS store has signed a lease, and has been in negotiation for the past 3 months.