Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Info Emerges about The Scout

It's been a couple of weeks since we've heard anything about The Scout (1301 S. Wabash), a new restaurant/sports bar that is taking the space formerly occupied by Opera. Upon recently talking to a well versed South Loop resident he mentioned that their was a new write-up circling around the internets.

Lo and behold, it's from Metromix and it does shine some more light on the impending opening and concept:

Paving the way for modern sports bars in the South Loop, this tavern and restaurant goes beyond your average beer-and-shot spot, and will be a welcome addition when it opens its doors in early June 2011. "I got tired of waiting for someone to open a sports bar in the neighborhood, so we decided to do it ourselves," said co-owner Chris Bravos, also of The Pony.

A couple quick comments on the statement above. One, does Chris Bravos live in the Sloop? Two, there are some sports bar already. Three, it sounds like the rumored May opening isn't happening.

Regardless, this doesn't curb our excitement for The Scout (and it sounds like others based on this poll we did a couple weeks ago). We've been impressed by their new bar/restaurant Frontier in West Town and have heard positive things about the Pony as well.

The post also goes into the vibe they're going to be shooting for:

On weekend nights, you’ll find crowds cutting loose to a DJ, but during the week it'll be more low-key, with smaller groups of friends sipping on signature cocktails or from the extensive brew list featuring craft microbeers. During the warmer months, dining on the outdoor patio sweetens the deal.

DJ? That will be a change for the Sloop...and although it seems questionable, some energy south of Roosevelt will be good in our opinion. The other interesting/awesome thing is that we're glad to here about plans for the outdoor patio. According to Metromix, there will be outside patio seating for 45 people. Wow that seems like a lot, but wow does that seem great. We would assume that means that there will be seating on Wabash and 13th. Should be a welcome scene for this stretch and an improvement over Opera's outside seating (which was there but never very busy).

(Hat tip: JM & random cell phone number!)


Bekki said...

The fact that a co-owner is part owner of The Pony worries me a little. That place is douchebag central, something I'd prefer to keep out of the South Loop, however difficult. As a 7-year resident of the South Loop a sports bar is a welcomed addition, but I want it to be a sports bar. Jimmy Green's is not the greatest option. Most sports bars I know don't have DJs. Lots of TVs to watch the games, good tunes playing in the background when the big games aren't on, and good food. Heck, the food doesn't even have to be good, just decent! I'm going to reserve judgment until it opens, but I'm skeptical so far.

Anonymous said...

He does live in the neighborhood.

Allen said...

I really can not wait for this. The outdoor patio and DJ. There is no place in the South Loop geared towards this concept. I love Kroll's, Jimmy's, WeatherMark to watch sports, but there is no place yet like a Bull & Bear in the SL where you can watch sports and then around 10pm it becomes a nice litte 'energy' spot.

Anonymous said...

Bekki - that's why we live in the South Loop - Pony is in an area where you are going to that type of crowd. It has nothing to do with the owners. There are straight sports bars and then there are plenty of places with this concept, just NOT in the South Loop yet.

Anonymous said...

I agree with allen. We need variety and this seems to be that. Obviously some people might be turned off by the DJ, but if that's the case head across the street to Flo & Santos or up to Wabash Tap. I'm not going to be in the mood for a DJ all the time, but occasionaly I will and it will be good to have this as an option.

I think this will bring some energy to the block...looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

OMG a DJ!?! This is going to be awful idea and the restaurant will surely fail!...unless there is classic rock tunes piped in at all times...

Too bad the majority of people in this country are about 15 years behind in electronic music... BTW, the Shrine is a South Loop DJ stronghold... not to mention the massive DJ party thrown last Saturday on 18th & Canal.

More DJ's are welcome in the SL!

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to this concept and will no doubt check it out as soon as it opens.
I'm pretty curious about the layout as it is a large space. Good luck to the Scout.

BRENDAN said...


this sounds like a great vibrant concept but there are people out there who STILL are not happy.

DJ does not equal thumping "house" music played til 5 am. Alot of bars now have a "DJ" but really all it is is a guy with a Macbook PRO who plays really whatever you want. In case you havent noticed, that spot is huge inside and youre going to have to attract people there with more than soft music and a killer brunch.

To me it seems like there are just certian people that do not belong in the city at all.... I would say try finding a condo in Willow Springs if music at a bar doesnt suit your taste.

I believe the correct nomenclature would be "N.I.M.B.Y"

MarkChicago said...

RE: "Most sports bars I know don't have DJs."

Clearly you don't visit too many sports bars. The West End is one of the best sports bars in the city. Do they have a DJ? Yes. It's not glowsticks and clubber music, it's someone playing good music and adding some life. They also play the goal horn and song when the Hawks score, it's awesome. I would hope this is the same concept at The Scout.

My one request is that The Scout NOT hire some hipsters who don't know the sports schedule on a given day. There is nothing worse than going into a bar and having to ask them to turn on Chicago sports instead of leaving ESPN on auto-pilot.

Anonymous said...

I am very thrilled for The Scout to open. I love their other bars and hope/think this will be a great addition to the Sloop!

Anonymous said...

Haha Hipsters!

This sounds like a great concept. Some place to hang out past 12am South of Roosevelt.

Anonymous said...

lol at people freakin out over a DJ

atay said...

I'm beyond thrilled about this concept. The SL is dying for some energy... I support all the establishments in the neighborhood, but some of them are really sedated.

Krolls is fine, I love the food, but the music they pipe in is awful and most of the time all the lights are on and it's quite as a mouse even with a full house.

This is SO needed and SO welcome. Thank you, Scout!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, bars like this attract people even from the suburbs and will definitely attract more people to the south loop, as do similar bars do the same in Lincoln park and the west loop. Very excited for the scout to open. Hopefully it will attract more investors in opening similar places like this to make Wabash a staple street of the south loop like Lincoln ave is in Lincoln park!

Anonymous said...

A DJ spinning quality music late-night is one of the biggest holes in the south loop evenings around here. I'm excited at the idea of dancing on some random night without trekking all the way up north.

I'll second the statement that the bartenders/staff/DJ have to be aware of the sports schedule.

INCLUDING soccer....EPL, champions league, international. Lots of important games are on *during the day* and a subscription to FSN and some advertising could potentially pick up quite the crowd for big events.

Tom said...

I despise sports bars and the loutish fratboys they attract. I like the neighborhood kind'a quiet, the last thing I want is for Wabash to be like Lincoln up in the North Side Youth Ghetto.

But the guy who owns it can do as he likes; that's the way it goes.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to start break dancing when the bodacious Bears score touchdowns, and bring my homies from the south and west to this new place..gonna be a hip joint yo....Peace out...I am taking my talents to the South LOOP!

Anonymous said...

First time visit last Wednesday night - not impressed. I had such high hopes for place to go in the area. Not somewhere you can just go and have a beer at the bar - everyone is sitting at the bar waiting for a table.

My sister and I sat at a table - the waitress was not friendly, never asked if it was our first time here...she was not happy we were a non-drinking table. I already had a half of a beer and my sister asked for a water with lemon. She couldn't even get the water with lemon correct. Plus we could barely hear each other. The room was so loud.

We both ordered salads. They were good but we were starving so anything would be good. Not sure I'll be back and I only live a half block away. So disappointed.