Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gioco to Open Next Week? or Not? Who Knows...

We've been closely monitoring the drama around Gioco when it closed a couple of weeks ago. Besides a couple articles in some newspapers and an email from one of the owners we haven't heard anything else. They have been updating signs in the window which as a result has been giving local residents a sense of their plans.

Back on March 24th their was the ominous first sign. Then a more encouraging sign on April 5th. And today we got word of a new sign that is the most definitive one yet:

Ironically, this coincides with an article today in the Chicago Journal that doesn't make you confident that they're opening anytime soon:

But Gioco still has serious tax issues that are unresolved, said Illinois Department of Revenue Spokeswoman Susan Hofer. KDK also needs to pay the back sales taxes from Red Light before it can get the go-ahead to reopen.

“Our goal is not to shut down restaurants or take away liquor licenses of thriving restaurants,” Hofer said, but the amount of money Gioco and Red Light owed the state was substantial. “If it had been a couple bucks, we wouldn’t have shut them down.”

So who knows...I guess we will wait and see what happens next week!

(hat tip: ND!)

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