Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rahm Rolls into the Sloop to Kick off Listening Tour

Many South Loop residents were surprised yesterday when they went to our local L stop and saw a big scene. The reason, Rham Emanuel's listening tour for his "potential" mayoral bid kicked off in the Sloop.

There was a ton of press and random people following him around and here is what one Slooper wrote in:

Just a normal Monday walking to the L at Roosevelt and I noticed a lot of TV crews and police and I am hoping something good is happening at the Roosevelt stop – I see all of the “fuss” is over Rahm Emanuel. He was out and about bright and early in the South Loop and not down on the sidewalk but actually up on the platform shaking hands and talking with CTA commuters. It was certainly a nice sight, in my opinion.

Who knows how the race for Mayor will play out but in my view it sure looked like a lot of people were very happy to meet and shake hands with Rahm. As I waited for the train longer, many more TV crews came up the platform and there were several reporters asking the commuters questions. Seems like the race for Mayor will be
an interesting one….

Indeed. It's been awhile since the city had a wide open race for mayor and it should be interesting.

(Hat Tip: ND & AV!)
(Image from Pinoynets.com)


John said...


pretty funny stuff

Anonymous said...

rahm emanuel, listening to the common man? LMAO! Don't buy it for a minute! I did find interesting he kicked things off in the S. Loop in the Mayor's & Alderman's Fiorett's back yard.

It's all about the "Dog & Pony" show!

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants this carpetbagger as mayor. He doesn't even live in Chicago!

If that doesn't matter, let's try to pry Michael Bloomberg away from NYC.

Anonymous said...

When this thug moves in to the Mayors office, expect more of the same strong-arm tactics Daley used.

That said, I'll vote for any candidate who runs on the "I'll rescind the meter deal" platform.