Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Code of Conduct Comes to 11th Street

We recently got an email about a new place opening at 14 East 11th Street (where the old Hi Tea shop used to be). Although we're not 100% if it's open or not, it looks like they're making progress according to their facebook page.

Code of Conduct is:
an environmentally conscious high-end tattoo studio integrated with a clothing boutique located in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago, IL.

And their mission statement is:
Code of Conduct has blossomed from a shop name into a mantra that we as partners and entrepreneurs choose to abide by in both business and life. We are a team of young energetic professionals - the respect, trust and admiration we have for one another are the roots of our Code. We have chosen to take action in a time of economic uncertainty. We believe in the future of our generation and those to follow. We believe in a Code of Conduct.
They also have a twitter page and a website (that isn't very evolved yet).

(Hat Tip: JC!)


Anonymous said...

I hate tatoo shops. I hope it fails, especially in that area, it is bad for the neighborhood.

Carl said...

While I have no vested interest in their tattoo services, I think this venture could bring good energy to the general area. I'm sure this will appeal to the Columbia students in particular. At the very least, it's one less vacant storefront.

Wishing any local small business ill-will before it's even opened is a very toxic thing to do . . . talk about being bad for the neighborhood.

Just out of curiosity, I quick looked up some stats: more than ONE THIRD of the US population under the age of 40 has at least one tattoo. That's a much big consumer base than I would have imagined!

Anonymous said...

I wrote the "I hate tatoo shops. I hope it fails, especially in that area, it is bad for the neighborhood" comment. It may have come across a bit harsh, but I am someone who has traveled the world and tatoo shops always stick out like a sore thumb I will reserve judgement until I see their set-up. High-End is all I ask for and that is what they claim.. so hopefully.

Lance Uppercut said...

Pathetic, back-peddling hatemonger! You've already passed judgement on something you've never actually seen/experienced.

Anonymous said...

If it's a clean tattoo shop that cares about design and follow all hygienic rules, I say let them be. These are the kind of unique/cool places we need around the Sloop.

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy but a tattoo shop with a mission statement and a name like "Code of Conduct" seems at least on the surface to be aiming to position itself as a cut above the rest. Try keeping an open mind people.

Anonymous said...

I agree! At least it's SOMETHING. This has to be the first retail opening in the neighborhood in months.

Unknown said...

this is the type of facility that the SL really needs. Diversity is the way to success!

Anonymous said...

I agree! More stores like this (meaning 'unique commericial,' not more tattoo shops) need to open up along wabash and michigan. Unique shops and dining will make this hood a destination and add some character.

Mike said...

I have talked with the owners of the shop at their south loop meeting they had a few weeks back. They are really respected business people so it should be interesting.

Their bios alone of projects they have been involved with proved they are not playing games. And to their defense its not fully a tattoo shop its equally a really cool retail concept.

Should be very exciting for the neighborhood. I own a condo in the area and I can only hope more things like this take a chance on the south loop