Monday, March 20, 2023

The Next Phase of Sloopin

Hi fellow Sloopers!  

Long time no talk - we've taken a bit of a hiatus to think through some aspects of this site and what the future could be.  Apologies for the abruptness of this stop.

I don't have much to reveal today, but the plan is to restart posting a bit more often.  There is a lot of great content about our neighborhood and city being put out into the world and we hope we can be a portal into the vastness of the interwebs helping you all sift through the noise.

An ask to you or anyone who you might know.  There is an underlying idea we have for local media, news and information.  We haven't nailed it down yet, but if you like to write, take pictures, record videos, do tech wizardry, help with startup ideas or have cash you're looking to invest, please reach out to  If you're a South Loop business looking to continue to foster a relationship with the neighborhood also reach out.

For this idea to blossom, the reality is I'm going to need some help from our community - the great people of the South Loop who I call neighbors.  

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