Monday, May 23, 2022

Gong Cha Coming to University Center on State Street (500 block of S. State)

Looks like a new tea place called Gong Cha is opening at University Center where Spanglish use to be:

We've never heard of this place, but apparently this is a huge franchise (check their website for more info):
Founded in 2006 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Gong Cha, which translates to “tribute tea for the emperor” opened its doors to the bubble tea market. Gong cha’s success in Taiwan launched our stores all over the globe with customers loving our premium quality tea, products & services: 
  • Fresh Tea brewed throughout the day 
  • Pearls (bubbles) freshly prepared to perfection continuously through the day 
  • Tea sourced from the finest tea estates in Taiwan 
  • Strict quality controls for all ingredients 
Gong cha is known across the world for its signature Milk Foam. Its creamy, sweet and savory flavor balance and whipped texture make it the perfect complement to our freshly brewed teas. Our delicious milk foam is hand-crafted for each customer and made from the freshest milk and highest quality, signature ingredients.
Interesting spot for their first location in the midwest - but glad to have them in the Sloop.

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