Wednesday, February 9, 2022

400 Concrete Truck Line-up on Jan 22nd to Pour for 1000M High-rise

This is a bit old, but we still found it interesting (via Chicago Construction News):

McHugh Concrete has completed a nine-hour continuous concrete pour including nearly 4,000 cu. yds. of concrete for the mat slab foundation for 1000M, a 73-story apartment tower at 1000 S. Michigan Ave. in Chicago’s South Loop.

This construction milestone completes the foundations under the main tower of 1000M, which will be one of the city’s tallest apartment buildings at 788 feet when it delivers in 2025. McHugh Concrete has poured the concrete for eight of Chicago’s 10 tallest concrete buildings, the company’s public relations agency said in a Jan. 24 statement.

One lane of Michigan Avenue alongside the project was closed on Jan. 22 for the more than 400 concrete trucks delivering concrete to the site, which is across from Grant Park. Sweeper and vacuum trucks mitigated dust and dirt around the perimeter, and flaggers were posted alongside the site for pedestrian and vehicular safety.

Prior to the pour, McHugh Concrete installed 685 tons of steel rebar (about the same weight as 15 Boeing 737-800 airplanes), and general contractor McHugh Construction coordinated below-ground preparatory work, including drilling and socketing caissons to bedrock approximately 87 feet below ground to support the tower portion of the skyscraper, perimeter sheeting, waterproofing and piping for utilities.

We were out and about that day and can attest to the crazy amount of cement trucks lined up around the site waiting for their turn.  Seems like this development finally has some solid momentum (pun intended?!?!). 

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