Monday, January 10, 2022

NBC5 Highlights Apolonia's Viral Bread Dish

Apolonia (2201 S. Michigan) - probably the most exciting restaurant to open in the Sloop in the last couple of years - got some viral love for one of their bread dishes (via NBC5):

Gillanders said the restaurant's pastry chef was trying to make a focaccia to capitalize on the trend, but they wanted to make it different.

"The deep fry became this thing. We threw a dough ball into it, it just ballooned up," he said.

The restaurant likened the dish to a "savory black truffle doughnut" and said it has since taken off in a way they never expected.

"A lot of people started to cut them open and fill them like a pita and you'd be shocked what people put into those things," he said.

NBC5 has a good overarching video about what they're doing at the restaurant.  It's early in the morning and I'm hungry for dinner:

Hat tip: ND!

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