Monday, October 4, 2021

Developer: Chicago Bears Moving Wouldn't Affect One Central Development Plans

The Bears won yesterday and looked like a mediocre football team (vs. a horrible one the previous week), but much of the discussion around the team still swirls around their future home.

It almost seem inevitable that they're going to be leaving the lakefront at this point, but we'll see.  That said, we've been curious to see if the proposed One Central development that is slated to be just west of Soldier Field across LSD could have any impact on the plans.  

Could the Bears find new revenue streams by being included in that deal?  Maybe, but it's probably not that simple.  If the Bears move, it seems like another hurdle calling into question if One Central is truly needed.  For what it's worth we just read an article and the stance from the developer is (via Chicago Tribune):

The Chicago Bears’ potential departure from Soldier Field will not be a hurdle, Dunn said.

“I don’t think it affects our plans in a material way. We see a lot of benefit from One Central to all of the civic and cultural assets on the lakefront,” he said.

Of course he had to say that, but some of the cache would be loss if a major NFL franchise isn't in close proximity.

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