Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Southbank Development Starts Marketing New Building On the Chicago River Called The Reed

We posted about some heavy construction movement at the Southbank property on Harrison and the river back in October.

The developer has sent out some press info on the development, so things seem to be progressing.  The building that they're working on will be called The Reed and will be situated on the Chicago river.  The Tribune has some more info:

Set to open in 2023, The Reed will be set on the South Branch of the river, with 216 condominiums and 224 apartments spread across 41 floors at 234 W. Polk St. in the South Loop.

It follows The Cooper, which opened in 2018, and the two-acre Southbank Park. In all, the Southbank development is set to fill seven acres of land at Polk and Wells streets, not far from the Roosevelt Collection.

Apartments will be located on floors 9 to 22. Below them, a 12,000-square-foot outdoor deck is among building amenities that also include a demo kitchen and a private lounge exclusively for condo owners.


Good to see the developers bullish on the area.  

A couple quick things stick out to us.  

First, residents of River City who have enjoyed dramatic views of Willis Tower and the city are about to lose out on one of their most prized assets as this building will block their views.  

Second, judging from the renderings it seems like this should add a little more to the river walk area.  While it's not super long currently, we've really enjoyed this 'public park' addition to the neighborhood.  It has a long way to go to connect to the Ping Tom park river walk in Chinatown, but each addition gets us one step closer (couple that with the development at the 78 and it feels even more tangible).

Anyway, good to see this moving forward.  We will be watching closely as construction really gets moving next year.

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