Monday, October 5, 2020

New Plans and Renderings for High Profile Lot at Harrison and Dearborn

 A reader sent us an email about the evolving plans at 601 S. Dearborn.  This is the email that was sent from the developer:

The 601 S. Dearborn development team submitted a revised building rendering and responses to a list of questions that had been provided by the Board of Directors through our zoning attorney, Bridget O'Keefe.

There will be a community meeting of the Board of Directors, the Association's zoning attorney and Transportation Building owners on October 15th via Zoom (meeting info will follow), which will give the homeowners an opportunity to hear a presentation directly from the 601 S. Dearborn Team and to have them answer questions posed by our residents.

We ask that residents return questions to the management office by October 12th so that we may consolidate questions for the developer. After the October 15th meeting concludes, residents will have an opportunity to return follow up questions by October 29th.

There were also some renderings and blueprints of the plan:

Ground floor plan:


As a reminder we got some renderings for this in July and you can see the difference from those renderings.  It appears that the developers stepped back the elevation for the current plans at Harrison and Dearborn.

We will see how this progresses.

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