Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Fruve xPress Juicery and The Nail Social Close Up Shop

Upon a recent trip we noticed a couple shop that are closed.  Maybe they've been closed for awhile, maybe not.  Anyway, here are two spots that closed:

First off - Fruve xPress Juicery closed up shop at 1130 S. Wabash.  This spot has been open for about 5 years and to be honest had a good run.  The place was good, but was very 'high-end' (aka expensive).  Anyway, will be interesting to see what might move in:

Second, The Nail Social has apparently closed at 76 E. 16th.  We didn't know much about this place, but this strip of businesses on 16th seems to have a revolving door.  Yes, some places have done well, but there is a handful of businesses that come and go:

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