Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Old Town School of Folk Music Takes Over Sherwood Community Music School at 1312 S. Michigan

Interesting article about some changes to the music community in the Sloop (via WBEZ):
Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music, based on the city’s North Side, is taking over Sherwood Community Music School in the South Loop.
In the arrangement, scheduled to be effective Sept. 1, Old Town will take over business operations of Sherwood, which is currently managed by Columbia College.
“With Sherwood, particularly, you have a more than 120-year history of music instruction, a bunch of really talented teachers and committed students,” said Old Town CEO Jim Newcomb.
The acquisition is part of Old Town’s effort to expand into neighborhoods, especially on Chicago’s South Side, Newcomb said. Old Town’s Lincoln Square headquarters makes it inconvenient for students from across the city to attend, he said.

We didn't know the history of Sherwood Music School being around for 120 years!  That's crazy.

Anyway, Old Town School of Music seems to be doing well so maybe some fresh blood will invigorate the school?  We took our kid to Sherwood and had mixed feelings about it.  It seemed busy...but sometimes the instruction was just ok.

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