Thursday, July 11, 2019

Bella Bronze Tan Abruptly Closes Up Shop at 1503 S. Michigan

A reader writes:
Hey Sloopin,
Any idea what happened to Bella Bronze Tanning Salon??? 
I stopped by yesterday afternoon (July 1st) and there was a masterlock on the outer door and the place looked cleaned out. I reached out to them in Instagram and haven’t gotten a response. I’ve regularly tanned there for 6 years, nothing emailed  and nothing in the last mailer about them closing.
Another reader writes:
Walked past the salon today and it is completely empty with a lock on the door? No notice that they closed or moved. Website and Instagram still active. Twitter shows they made a tweet on July 3rd regarding tanning specials. 
It looks like they had a tweet recently, but it looks pretty generic and may just be a reoccurring type of tweet.  We also called their phone number and the mailbox is full - which is obviously not a good a sign. 

Anyone have any scoop?

(Hat tip: L&C!)

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