Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Local Representatives Caution State/City Lawmakers on the One Central Megadevelopment

Unsurprisingly, the One Central development - that over the weekend got a shot in the arm with potential of billions of dollars from the state - has been met with some local opposition (via Crains):
Perhaps pushed by neighborhood opposition, four lawmakers who represent the South Side lakefront have written Gov. J.B. Pritzker urging him to go slow on finalizing any deal for an up to $5.1 billion state investment in the proposed One Central megadevelopment on air rights west of Soldier Field.

In a letter dated May 31—the date the General Assembly authorized state officials to negotiate a contract finalizing a One Central deal without coming back to lawmakers—Sens. Mattie Hunter and Robert Peters, and Reps. Kam Buckner and Lamont Robinson all cited strong local concerns about the size of the project, which eventually could cost $20 billion or more.
It doesn't sound like the lawmakers are saying "no", but they are asking for the process to be inclusive of local input - which seems reasonable.  They are also subtly telling state/city lawmakers to slow down.

This is a story that isn't going to stop, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.  As always, local residents have varying motivations for support and opposition.  It ranges from people who might get their views blocked (and home values impacted) to people who simply don't want more congestion to people who would love more "action" in the neighborhood.

Stay tuned.

(Side note:  we wish they had a better rendering of the development.  Is it us or does the image above look cartoonish?)

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