Tuesday, February 26, 2019

"Tent City" in the Sloop Could be Shutdown

Some news on the tent city in the Sloop (via Sun-Times):
Advocates for the homeless community are concerned that a planned street cleaning scheduled for next week at the site of a “Tent City” in the South Loop could lead to the shut down of the encampment, which lies on state-supported property.
Attorney Diane O’Connell, of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, said she fears that the street cleaning — which comes after a shooting on the property — could be used to force the homeless population out of the grassy embankment along the expressway near the 700 block of West Taylor.

Marjani Williams, spokeswoman for the Chicago Department of Sanitation, confirmed that city workers posted signs this week announcing the cleaning.

City and state official wouldn’t say whether the homeless population would be pushed out of the area during Monday’s cleaning.

“The state should not punish people for being homeless,” O’Connell told the Sun-Times. “The people who live in this location are struggling and forcing them to disperse would cause further harm.”

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