Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Neighborhood Infrastructure Updates: Canadian National Railway Repairs & Traffic Light at 21st/Indiana

Looks like the railroad line that runs just north of 16th street is getting some much needed repairs (via Gazette):
The Canadian National Railway (CN) will complete preliminary utility work and then, in early 2019, will start reconstructing overpasses at Michigan and Wabash Avenues as well as State, Dearborn, and Clark Streets.

While some may be disappointed that the line isn't closing down, there are some benefits to this work.  Alderman Dowell weighs in:
Dowell said she held two community meetings about the project, and noted the railroad has been open to community concerns.
“I was surprised to learn that the rail line was over 100 years old,” Dowell said. “The investment needs to happen. There will be improvements in the lighting underneath the bridges, and the neighborhood will be more friendly to traffic as well as to pedestrians.”

Dowell said that changing the look and feel of the trains as well as the bridges will make the growing South Loop neighborhoods more appealing. In addition to the bridges, she said the railroad will reduce train noise and vibration in densely populated areas by moving an idling station further from residential buildings.

The Gazette article also points to a new a stop light going in at the intersection of 21st and Indiana given the influx of activity around Wintrust Arena.

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