Friday, May 4, 2018

David Letterman's Netflix Show That Filmed in the Sloop Comes Out Today

Remember when we said David Letterman was filming his new show in the Sloop?  Well that episode premieres today on Netflix (via Chicago Tribune):
David Letterman’s February visit to Chicago will be shown on an episode of his Netflix show that is scheduled to premiere Friday.
Letterman met with Buddy Guy at the blues legend’s South Loop club and the Athenian Room restaurant in Lincoln Park on Feb. 20 for “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.”

The Athenian Room is a favorite of Second City alum Tina Fey, who is the featured guest on Friday’s episode. She is shown discussing improv techniques with Letterman in a clip of the show released Monday. That interview was taped in New York.

What's not clear is what role Buddy Guy played in the episode.  It seems as if he was a "secondary" guest?  We've watched two of the episodes and they do feature other people who are tangetially associated with the featured guest.  For Obama's interview it was Representative John Lewis.  For Jay-Z it was music producer Rick Rubin.

For Tina Fey it appears Buddy Guy is the secondary guest.  Maybe there will be some tie between improvisation in comedy and blues (Second City and Buddy Guy's Legends).  For what it's worth a reader sent us this instagram post:

(Hat tip: AR!)

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