Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sloopin Retail Opening Round-up: A Night in the Sloop Edition

Opening night at Riff Music Lounge (2239 S. Michigan via Riff Facebook Page)
As you may know we at Sloopin try to have our finger on the pulse of things opening in the South Loop.  While we like to think we're witty and/or creative with our writing, it probably isn't.

But we're not going to get discouraged.  With that in mind, we thought we would do our best to inject a storyline into this retail round-up.  It's probably a horrible story, but whatevs.

Hey Sloopers - what are you doing this Saturday?

We've got your afternoon/night planned out thanks to some recently opened South Loop spots.

First off, you've got to look good and that doesn't just mean dope clothes, or a haircut or some makeup.  It's important (to some people) that you're "special" areas are well groomed.  Yup, that means you should check out the recently opened European Wax Center at 1103 S. State.

This is their ninth location in the Chicagoland area and they offer a wide variety of services ranging from back waxing for men to bikini waxing for women.

Now that we have that taken care of, next step is to head on over to Flirtatious Lingerie and Club Wear at 1317 S. Michigan.  It looks like they just opened (lights on & people inside).  While we don't exactly know what clubwear is, it might be useful later in the night - especially if you're lucky - wink wink!

Ok.  You should probably eat and/or shower at some point.  Maybe make yourself a nice cocktail in the warm confines of your home.  But don't get too comfortable, because you've got a lot of dancing to do.

Yup, that means heading over to the recently opened Riff Music Lounge at 2239 S. Michigan.  Last time we checked in on Riff they were gearing up for their grand opening on "Blackout Wednesday", the night before Thanksgiving.

Well according to their Facebook page, it looks like everything went well.  If you're looking to get a feel for the space and crowd, there is an extensive 192 photo gallery here.
Bottle service at Riff Music Lounge (via Riff Facebook Page)
So now that you've danced your behind off and met that special someone, it's time to go back home and show off your recent purchases from earlier in the day.

And yes...we're talking about your hair-free back!

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