Monday, December 30, 2013

Sloopin's Top Stories of 2013
#1) Police Standoff at Chicago River South of Roosevelt

Over the past year a ton has happened in the South Loop.  Since there are a few Monday's left in the year, we thought we would count down the top 5 stories on Sloopin in 2013 according to Google Analytics.

The picture above is pretty remarkable if you ask us (hat tip:  JN!).  If you don't remember the story, back in early October we received an email, the picture above and a link to the Tribune:
Police were at the scene of a standoff with a man with a rifle and a large knife that started late this morning at a South Loop rail yard. Police were on the scene of a possible standoff south of Roosevelt Road at Lumber Street, west of the Chicago River, according to Chicago Police. Amtrak police discovered someone trespassing on railroad property and the person may be threatening suicide, police said.
While the standoff ended safely (thankfully), we took a look back at Google Analytics and found that this post had generated an amazingly high amount of traffic to Sloopin (over 20,000+ pageviews in one day).


It was posted to reddit, the social news site that has revolutionized the way news is shared.

It's crazy how technology is changing the game on how information is shared.  

With that said, just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for a great year!  Thanks for the support and thanks for reading, contributing and coming to Sloopin.  We couldn't do it without you.

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