Friday, September 14, 2012

Underemployed, MTV Show Filmed in the Sloop, Set to Premiere

Remember back in May of 2011 when we posted about a show filming in the neighborhood?  Well that show was thought to be a new series by MTV called "Underemployed".  Well it looks to be premiering this season on MTV and after watching the trailer (below) it seems like it's pretty well produced:

While it clearly is being marketed to college kids and recent grads, it's probably worth a watch.  It's gotta be better than "Guys with Kids".  Jimmy Fallon (who is the executive producer) should be embarrassed for putting his name on this one.  Anyway, we digress.

We will be watching "Underemployed" and trying to find "shots around the sloop".

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TonyG said...

Looks like we do have a South Loop shot in the trailer - and it appears the group "lives" in the Sloop. At the 2:40 mark near the end when they pan from the interior of a condo and show the skyline, that's the 22nd Street Post Office (with the L to the right) in the foreground. So they must live at above Reggie's. Which makes sense since they were doing a lot of filming over there awhile ago.