Tuesday, September 4, 2012

CTA Hosting De-Crowding Meeting Tonight at 6PM

So a couple readers sent us a quick note and wanted us to post about the CTA's meeting on de-crowding (from Chicagoist):
CTA is holding a hearing on its recently announced “de-crowding” plan 6 p.m. tonight at its headquarters downtown. (567 W. Lake St.) The plan—the first major restructuring of the transit system since 1997— would eliminate 12 underused bus routes and transfer the savings to adding train cars to every “L” route except the Yellow and Pink lines.

First off, sorry we didn't post this sooner.

Second, there is some potential changes to the Sloopers if the plan moves forward.   Specifically the 129 bus route (see route in image) which takes people to and from the Metra stations as well as various places in the loop may be cut.

If anyone goes, let us know what you find out.

(Hat tip: AS & Save129)


peter said...

Seems like they did a pretty thorough review and concluded that the #129 doesn't add much beyond what the #1, #29, and orange/green lines provide. I'm not sure what is lost without the #129?

Jeff Schertz said...

This actually sucks. The #129 (not the 127 as referenced in the article) is the only other bus servicing this area which turns into the loop and crosses the river. This route runs during peak times, exactly when it's needed, leaving the #1 as the only remaining bus providing commuters from the South Loop a route to West Loop. The problem is that the #1 is already full by the time it reaches about 18th and then you're a sardine in a can by Roosevelt. By comparison the #129 starts at 18th providing a route dedicate to the sloop. The #29 is not redundant as it runs N/S so you have to walk a fair distance (think winter) or transfer to another bus. If they remove the #129 then the city needs to increase the #1 service frequency otherwise the current #1 route is going to be overfilled during rush hours. The 18th St Green Line stop can't come soon enough if they eliminate the #129.

CityFolkIL said...

The 129 is the best thing about the CTA. This is a joke. Make it harder for the people who pay the taxes that power this city to get to work. brilliant.

cindyg said...

I have been part of something like this in the past. CTA has always listened when enough people complained to them. Please, let your voice be heard. Call CTA and vocalize these issues.

cindyg said...

Please let your voice be heard and call CTA. Don't let this happen.

Serge said...

Does anyone have a phone # to call and voice a concern. Could you post here.

Adam said...

Yes, I went to the meeting yesterday and was the only one in nearly 2 hours of public comment to voice a concern about the 129. First, it's a cash cow for the CTA. It runs only during rush hour, is always crowded, and the average tide is probably about 10-15 min for a full fare. The entire ROUND TRIP to and from the train station is an hour. It's clearly not redundant with other routes. I believe the data they used was flawed and probably included the two years the 129 was rerouted and lost ridership. If the CTA wants to save $16M, they ought to implement a wellness program and plow the insurance savings into the system. 

I'd recommend calling Bob Fioretti at this point. He may be the only one who can intervene.