Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Karamela...We Have Lift Off?

Apparently their is a lot of misinformation floating around the internet (SHOCKING!?!) about Karamela's Cafe, the new spot at 1250 S. Michigan that looks like it's been ready to open for awhile.

According to a post we did in regard to a weird post on their alleged Facebook page (Karamela...we have a problem) the owner ditched the cafe.  We reached out to the contact on Facebook and according to that person the project was in limbo.

Image from Jnette R. on Yelp
Fast forward to yesterday and we received another email from a reader:
I just saw on Yelp that Karamela Cafe is opening this Friday, Sept. 28: It's been sooo long since the signs went up in there, so it's about time!
Talk about some internet drama.

It is true that someone named Jnette R. posted to Yelp that Karamela Cafe was opening on Friday, September 28th.  She also posted some nice pictures of the interior, machines and food (although it was a little ironic that she also gave Karamela a 5 star rating -- but we digress).

Anyway, we will just have to wait and see if this rumor is true.  We hope so!


Cherise said...

I spotted a yellow SUV in the Elston/North area last night with "Cafe Karamela" all over it and STH LOOP license plates.

Anonymous said...

Their website has a lot of work: to be done. Almost the entire site just has placeholder text...I'm sure they will get it up soon. More important to get the biz open I suppose.

Josh said...

I can tell you that I saw two women loading cups into a cabinet as I walked by last night. I did a double take and they laughed and waved.

Michael said...

Apparently not true. Went there today and it was closed.