Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Installation of Stop Light at 13th and Wabash Begins 10/1

Good news for those of you who have almost been hit by a car at the corner of 13th and Wabash.  A reader writes about Alderman Fioretti's most recent news letter:
Hey sloppy just saw this from the aldermans office. Great spot for light because I have personally almost been hit by a car there at least a dozen times crossing the street.
Traffic Light Installation at 13th and Wabash
A traffic light will be installed at 13th and Wabash, with construction beginning on October 1st and ending around Thanksgiving. Alderman Fioretti secured funding for a traffic light at this busy intersection over a year ago, in response to constituent requests. This project is part of over $53 million in infrastructure improvements that have come to the South Loop through Alderman Fioretti's leadership.

As you may or may not remember (luckily the internet stores everything), this intersection has been a hot topic for awhile here on Sloopin.  Way back in May of 2011, we had a post "Danger Zone: 13th and Wabash Intersection".

This garnered a pretty healthy debate and back in November of 2011 it appeared that work was being done to install lights on Wabash.  It didn't happen then, but we heard it was still coming in June of 2012.

So here we are.  Hopefully it will happen soon because a man in a motorized scooter was struck at this intersection by a charter bus just two weeks ago (via the Tribune).

Image of Motorized Scooter being hit by Charter Bus (via Chicago Tribune)

(Hat tip: HS, MT and N!)

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