Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Movie Filming in the Sloop on Wednesday, May 9th?

A reader writes:
Hi Sloopy, 
This morning (Monday), there were signs posted on Indiana saying that the street would be closed on May 9 from 11am-8pm for "movie filming". Any idea what is going on? And how large is the film location? Just Indiana btwn 16th-18th or much larger? 
According to the City of Chicago "What's Filming Now" page on their website, there are only two films currently filming in the city:

  • Boss for STARZ Entertainment (through July 2012)
  • Underemployed for MTV (through July 2012)
Based on old posts that we've done, our guess would be that Underemployed will be filming in the South Loop on Wednesday.  Does anyone have any additional information about this filming?

For more information on Underemployed click here.

(Hat tip:  AA!)


frank said...

Not sure it is either of those. They have been filming a pilot in mCcormick place for the past few weeks. It is a hospital show for a cable network I think. Don't have many details

Damon said...

McCormick Place has been used several times as Lip's "University of Chicago" Scenes for Showtime's Shameless. Shameless also films in a bunch of other areas in the city and these are rarely ever listed on the filming portion of Chicago's website. Could be anything.

Anonymous said...

re: Shameless, the scenes of Lip at UofC always made me chuckle. But it was always nice to see McCormick on TV. Although their worst mis-location was calling one scene "Glencoe" when it was clearly the Loop brown line.