Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Five Guys Sign Means Something Else is Coming to 1146 S. Wabash

Five Guys Sign Installed
We all knew that Five Guys was coming to 1146 S. Wabash a couple of weeks ago, so seeing this sign shouldn't come as a surprise to most.

However, this installation does create a new question.  The sign is to the right side of the entrance, which means that more space is available for the left side.  Judging by the buildings configuration and this new installation it seems that something else is going to be coming to this building as well. 

Could it be the diner we heard about?  Anyone have some more information?
What is coming to the dark area?
UPDATE:  A reader writes:
The other side of the building is a café by the same owners as Artist's Café. My friend, local South Loop resident is the chef. I haven't heard much other than that but it will be nice to have some new places close by. I will let you know if I hear anything else. 

(Hat tip: DK, TK & LS!)


twinkle twinkle said...

I heard that it was going to be a café, from the same owners as The Artist Café on Michigan.

Unknown said...

The cafe is going to be called "one Cup".

bhl1 said...

I was hoping for a Subway