Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Local Grocery Stores Prepare for NATO

CBS2 has a blurb about two of neighborhood grocery stores and what they're doing for the NATO summit:
Even local businesses are taking precautions, including a 24-hour Jewel grocery store at Roosevelt Road and Wabash Avenue, which will close at 10 p.m. on the days of the summit weekend. 
 The Whole Foods on Roosevelt Road is advising its shoppers to come in before or after the summit, as road closures could affect shipments or the ability of store employees to get to work.
We also heard that Jewel installed the plastic window reinforcement sheets to ensure windows aren't shattered.  This all seems like a little much to us, but hey what do we know.  Has anyone else heard of any other crazy things businesses are doing in preparation for the NATO summit?

(Hat tip: ND!)


cccpr said...

A bit much? Do you honestly believe that CPD will be there should something go wrong at a local business? I'm stunned that more aren't closed this week.

colie said...

I did notice other businesses in the Sloop have posted signs about being closed Sat., Sun. & Monday. I hope these few days will go smooth (as they say they will?) and the Sloop returns to normal next week.

I have also noticed several office buildings in the south part of the Loop have their windows boarded up already as well. Like I said, hope it does indeed go smooth for the City.

Mr Downtown said...

All the retail space at 1111 S. Wabash is covered with plywood. Overreact much? Not sure if this is the decision of the condo board or, more likely, the owner of the retail units, but I wish whoever made such a bush-league decision would check his Y2K bunker to see if he can find any of his anti-paranoia meds.

MarkChicago said...

You can't "overreact" to something that hasn't happened yet. Overly prepared, on the other hand, is never a bad thing when dealing with these lowlifes. Maybe they saw this video?