Friday, May 18, 2012

Fences and Boards...Oh My!

NATO information continues to dominate the airwaves as the summit draw near and you can really feel the impact around the Sloop.  Besides parking bans taking affect and various protesters beginning to show up and linger in the neighborhood, we've had some readers send in shots of some of the precautions being taken:
Crews installing boards over the windows at 1400 S. Michigan
More boards on 14th street
Fences installed outside
the Field Museum
Fences outside Soldier Field
(Hat tip: DE & AA!)


Dave Archer said...

The guys installing the boards at the 1400 building seemed a bit sheepish when I walked by the other day. Overkill, perhaps? Good business for the board-up companies, I guess.

Pete Mitchell said...

Near 21st they brought in a half acre of wood chips to cover up an entire open lot (for fear that these jobless vagrant assholes will throw rocks).

"i have nothing going for me...well I'll just board a free bus to Chicago and yell into the wind with the rest of the suckeling unwashed"

Motivation to raise your kids right, in the least, i suppose.

MarkChicago said...

+1 Pete!

slasha81 said...

there also fences at LSD around the State street exit to close out McCormick place...