Monday, March 26, 2012

Mariano's Planning on Late Summer Groundbreaking

A reader writes:
Hey Sloopy,
I attended the presentation last night from the Roundy's people concerning the new store at 16 & Clark. The renderings posted on your blog were pretty spot on as far as the layout but there are some new developments. Here are a few of the highlights:
  • The store will have one entrance, north facing, very close to Clark.
  • There will only be two drive-in entrances, one at what is now Federal and 16th, one mid block between 16th and 17th on Clark, with a new traffic light (paid for by Roundy's)
  • Loading will take place at 17th and Dearborn, with fully enclosed docks
  • No plan for any greenery on the roof (there was in the original renderings)
  • The self storage place will stay, as the owner does not wish to sell at this time (they tried)
  • Double deck parking with and interior elevator
  • Lots of windows to see in and out, not fake display windows
  • July-August groundbreaking, one year construction timeline.

For those looking for the old post that we did on the topic (with renderings) click here.

Good to hear they're planning on breaking ground this summer. We've heard a lot of good stuff about Mariano's and can't wait to try out ours.

(Hat tip: AB!)


Anonymous said...

interesting they are going to put in a light in the middle of the block i reading that right? So the intersections at 16th and 17th will be left untouched. Queue all the haters that dont want a light at 16th...haha u lose

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the neighborhood!
Will defintely be shopping there.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, this will hopefully help all our property values. Now if they can just keep all the trash tossing, chicken wing eaters out!

Jim in the Sloop said...

With this new light is there any hope of removing the completly unnecessary light at 15th???

Anonymous said...

By removing the greenery at the roof, are they signaling that the construction will not follow sustainable guidelines?

Another missed opportunity!

Anonymous said...

The light on 15th needs to go if they are adding another light.

Anonymous said...

I love this sight but if I have to hear any more amateur urban planners discuss lights I am going to throw up. This is a good thing that Mariano's sees a need. Embrace it and who cares about a stupid light. More traffic lights mean more people and business. The goal is to remove desolate stretches. Can't wait for this place to come in. Drive to the one in the loop all the time and have many lights to go through.

Anonymous said...

Foreclosures everywhere, vacant lots dot every street from halsted to the lack and south of roosevelt, tons of empty retail space....and everyone here is freaking out about green roofs and stop lights. When we fix the first three issues then maybe we can fine tune the rest.

Broomy said...

The "Greenery" on the roof, actually has nothing to do with it being a "Green" roof. (I know it sounds counterintuitive) But the building will be going for Leed Silver certification, take that for what it's worth. As far as the traffic lights, no plans to remove any existing. The city has an interest in slowing down traffic on Clark, according to the developer. For my two cents, it would be impossible for me to turn left onto Clark(right would be difficult as well during rush hour)from 15th without that light, so I guess I'm biased.

Juan from South Loop said...

They said the light on 15th would probably stay. The city is hoping to slow down the traffic on Clark to the posted limit.

I'm sure the people on 15th street enjoy having the light to help enter their development.

Anonymous said...

A welcome addition to the neighborhood. I can't wait. I love the one in Lakeshore East.

Anonymous said...

In terms of grocery stores, the South Loop/Printers Row area has become the opposite of a food desert: you have Jewel, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Dominicks, and now Mariano's - you have to wonder if at least one establishment will be outcompeted. My money (and hope) is on Jewel.