Monday, March 5, 2012

Brasserie by LM coming to Essex Inn Restaurant Space

Everyone in the neighborhood had high hopes for Tribute, the ambitious contemporary american restaurant that only completely renovated the restaurant space at the Essex Inn hotel (800 S. Michigan). However, if you read the blog often you probably remember that Tribute only lasted 5 months.

Apparently the lack of success for Tribute didn't deter another group from trying its hand. According to a new post on Chicago Magazine's website, a new restaurant called Basserie by LM is shooting to open up shop in the spring:
In another full-circling, the Outrequin Quaissers, who both worked at The Drake, are returning to hotel dining, planning Brasserie by LM (Essex Inn, 800 S. Michigan Ave.; no phone yet) for the space that most recently saw the short, rocky life of Tribute. “When we started with the brasserie project, Stephan called Bradford for his input,” Nicole Outrequin Quaisser says, “and he got more into [it], and he said he might be interested.” The traditional French brasserie menu will feature plats du jour such as boeuf bourguignon or steak frites, and crème brûlées for dessert. A prix fixe costing in the neighborhood of $25 will be available for lunch and dinner. Being a hotel restaurant, it also will be open for breakfast, with items such as a breakfast croque-monsieur and jambon beurre. If all goes well, the brasserie will open March 28.

For those not intimately connected to the restaurant scene in Chicago, you might not know the Outrequin Quaissers (we didn't). However, after doing some research it sounds like their French Gastro Bistro, LM, in Lincoln Square is pretty fantastic. They have a 4 star rating on Yelp and after watching this Hungry Hound video, we can't wait to try some of their cuisine:

It's refreshing to see a new restaurant come to this spot so quickly. It's a prime spot right on Michigan avenue and as we said when Tribute was coming, this space has a ton of opportunity.

Can't wait to see how this materializes!

(Hat tip: JJ!)


Anonymous said...

epic fail I think

romlondcchi said...

Really looking forward to it! Also keen to see what comes of the Eduardo's renovation (500 block of S. Dearborn), as they're currently massaging the brand more toward a wine bar concept (see: Gold Coast Eduardo's).

Anonymous said...

The dish in the upper left looks like dog poop on grass! How is that appetizing?

Anonymous said...

This is great news! LM in Lincoln Square is wonderful

Anonymous said...

This is now open. menu can be found here: