Friday, March 23, 2012

Cafe/Pastry Shop Aiming for Early April Soft Opening?

A reader writes:
Hello. I was walking past the old Wine Styles space today and someone was in there and nice enough to give me the scoop. It's gong to be a cafe with pastries (from Greece), ice cream/froyo, and drinks. Soft opening goal is early April.
Do you know any more?
We heard it was going to have pastries, but didn't know much more. We also know that is affiliated with Pita Heaven next door.

Also good to hear that they're aiming for an early April soft opening.

Anyone else have any scoop?

(Hat tip: SM!)


Anonymous said...

any update on the bar in 1400 S Michigan? I believe they are being opened by the same people.

Anonymous said...

I was in P H this afternoon and they said that they are no longer affiliated with the pastry shop. They know the people opening up the place but have no relationship to them.

Anonymous said...

That is strange. I talked to one of the owners of pita heaven and she told me that they were associated with it. I hope it is true because I have been thoroughly impressed with pita heaven. Affordable and really good. Hope this place is a good addition. The only other cafe is donnas and I will reserve my comments as to why I don't go there. Either way who owns it I have my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

I hope they have good apple danish.
It is difficult to find decent apple danish in this town.

Anonymous said...

A pastry shop in the area would be wonderful! I'm excited.

FitGuy said...

this food is bad for you, just sayin

Anonymous said...

A sign just went up for Karamela Cafe. They list a website but it does not yet look to be functioning ( Lights oninside and lots of signage (coffee, pastries, crepes) so hopefully it will open soon.