Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Nice Way to Travel

A reader writes from Friday (3/16):
This morning I went out for a run and noticed a number of unmarked police car’s by the 18th street bridge and CPD boats in the harbor, and a Coast Guard boat at the harbor mouth.

This afternoon while looking out the balcony window I noticed a Chinook in the parking lot at McCormick place and started wondering if they were doing a practice drill for the NATO summit. Shortly after, I realized Obama was in town when is motorcade went down LSD heading to the helicopters. As it turns out there were five helicopters in total, three Chinooks and two identical “Marine One” helicopters (can’t remember what kind of helicopters those actually are).

Unfortunately we’re going to have to delay putting the boat in the water this year b/c Burnham Harbor is going to be closed until May 24th b/c of the NATO summit. Most likely it is because they’re going to be using this parking lot as a landing pad. Anyway, it certainly must be convenient to travel like this…quite the production to move the president from place to place! I know my Monday - Thursday commute to my client site would be a heck of a lot more relaxing if I was able to fly like Obama!

…and yes I realize I’m a big nerd for taking all these pics.
(Hat tip: JG!)


Anonymous said...

ive lived on prairie for a few years and prob seen this 8-9 times must be new to the neighboorhood...welcome

Matt said...

To whoever JG is, they are keeping spaces at the new 31st st Harbor available for anyone who has a space at Burnham. You dont have to wait to put the boat in the water.